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Stickers have been around since ancient history - our ancestors may have known the practicality of taking bits of paper with some information drawn or written on it, and sticking them on a surface when and when they are needed.

The 1930s saw the beginning of modern day sticker printing, and fast forward to this time and age when you can just about see stickers everywhere you look.  It is practical, cheap, and one of the most effective ways you can send your message across.

With a whole range of materials - coated, uncoated, transparent, iridescent, plasticized, waterproof - and a variety in glue options - easy-to-peal, permanent, fabric, wood, and all sorts of porous or non-porous surfaces, we have come a long way in sticker production.  All sizes and shapes available - with our traditional die cuts, plotter cut, or laser cut options.

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